Virtual Flashcards iOS Support

The card section says there's 16 cards, but when I play it, it say's there are "no cards to show." What happened to the cards?

That's because you probably either reviewed them all or selected to play a different pile which has no cards in it. Here's what you can do:


Go to play mode Where it will say "no cards to show." Hit the options button, Then select "Study New Cards" if you haven't seen these cards before, or Study All Cards (this will show them even if they have been reviewed and marked correct or incorrect). You can also Study Missed Cards, Flagged Cards, etc.

There is a question (or answer) that gets cuts off and ends in "..." How do I see the entire question?


This means that the selected current font size is too large for the screen. You can see the entire question by long holding on the text. This will go into zoom mode where you can scroll down or zoom in or zoom out, and can view the entire question or answer.


Where are the answer to the questions?


Once you are in study mode, tap on the question, this will flip the card to see the answer.


How do I study the flashcards?

You can study the flashcards by selecting the categories that you'd like to study. A check mark will appear beside each category that you select. Hit the button "play" to begin studying. If you'd like to play all of the flashcards, hit the "all" button and then hit the "play" button to study all the categories.

How do I grade the flashcards?

Swipe up to mark the card as correct. Swipe up means dragging your finger from the bottom of the device to the top of the device.

Swipe down to mark the card as missed or incorrect. Swipe down means dragging your finger from the top of the device to the bottom of the device.

How do I navigate between flashcards?

You can navigate by swiping left to go to the next card and swiping right to go to the previous card.

What do those numbers mean on the bottom left side of play mode?

This is the statistics panel. They represent the cards that you have pending or have answered.

Here is an example of a card panel:

C: 42 - This is the number of questions answered correctly. The "C" stands for Correct
M: 7 - This is the number of Missed questions that were answered incorrectly. M = Missed
N: 740 - This is the number of New Questions. N = New
F: 1 - This is the number of flagged cards.

How do I study just the missed flashcards?

In play mode, hit the "options" button. Then hit the "Study Missed Cards"

How do I make the flip animation go faster?

First, go to the category page. Hit the "Options" button. Now, go to the View option. Tap "Card Animation Flip Speed" and select your desired speed: Slow, normal, fast, very fast.

How do I Reset the statistics?

First, go to the category page. Hit the "Options" button. Now, go to the Marking Answers section. You can Reset the Statistics by hitting "Reset Statistics." You can also reset the "Don't Show me" cards and reset the flagged cards here.

How do I zoom in on text or a picture?

If you'd like to zoom in on the text and picture, long press on the text, and it will go into the zoom mode. If you would like to just zoom in on the picture, long press on the picture. If you'd like to exit the zoom mode, press the "X" on the top right of the screen.

How do I remove the app? Will you charge me if I reinstall?

Once you've purchased the app, it's in your apple account, you can uninstall and reinstall as many times as you want without having to re-pay. You can put it on any apple device, really. 

To uninstall, Just long hold on the app icon, it will start to wiggle. There will be a X sign above the icon. Tap the X. It will ask if you want to delete. Hit Yes. Now go to the App Store. Go to Purchased, click on the your purchased app and install.


I still have questions, where can I reach you?

You can contact us if any unresolved questions at If you think you've discovered a bug, please email us so we can get this tested and resolved.